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Custom software development: Inspire your customers, optimize your processes, and get actionable insights from your data with a maps application tailored to your business needs.

Tell stories – inspire users

Exploit the full potential of interactive map applications for your marketing purposes. Inspire your customers and the public – for example with 360° panoramas and Custom Street View, enable users to experience these locations in the virtual realm – like Google did with the Miniatur Wunderland Street View Trek. Communicate location-dependent content in an interactive way – e.g. with our very own Google Maps Street View Trek developed for the region of Khumbu at the foot of Mount Everest.

The integration of an interactive map on your website can be a huge help to users. Improve your customer service by highlighting your branches or sites on a map and indicating customers’ nearest locations, ideally in conjunction with services and opening times. Our customizable Store Locator, Ubilocal, is here to help you do so.

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Route optimization with maps

Increase efficiency and optimize resources

Small measures are often highly effective – and this is especially true when it comes to route planning that makes sense. Map-based software, for example, can help you deploy your external sales staff more efficiently. As well as displaying the optimal route, the latest traffic information is also factored in.

Sales staff will not only reach a greater number of customers per day as a result, they will also save on gas and reduce their stress levels at the same time. Why not help road users to avoid danger zones and adapt to changing weather conditions? Or how about making use of the possibilities of asset tracking to revamp the way you handle freight or incoming deliveries and save you both time and money?

Location Intelligence for sound decisions

Where does my target group reside? Where can I find my white spots on the sales map? Business intelligence tools based on location data enable users to analyze company data both quickly and simply. A little effort goes a long way: regions with a high level of potential for your market can be identified, sales figures analyzed, and marketing campaigns sized up. This facilitates cooperation between Controlling, Marketing, and Management in a bid to shape sales processes more effectively and provide a sound basis for market decisions.

Our interactive heatmap tool Density will lend a hand when it comes to all your corporate decisions. With the help of a scatter diagram, you can pinpoint the regions where your products are bought or used, for instance, or find untapped sources of potential for market development. Since every company approaches us with a different set of requirements, location based tools a basic solution that can be customized to suit the needs of our customers.

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