Get Inspired! Visit the Venues of 007 and Understand the Real Size of Nations

Are you planning your next vacation? How about getting inspired by the one and only Mr. Bond. And while you are already looking at a map, why don’t you take a look at your country from the point of view of everyone else. We proudly present you: Our top five of the week!

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Our Top 5: Germany Reunified, See How Time Dissolves and Get to Know Otto

Every week we get to know so many inventive people and innovative project while surfing the net. This time we want to focus on tools for developers, a planning app for outdoor fans and a meditative clock.

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Our Pick of the Week: Explore Cities and Plan Your Next Holidays With Areal Videos

It's Friday once again and we would like to share our favourite links with you. Enjoy planning your next vacation, going down memory lane with Lego and reading other peoples minds.

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From the Evolution of the Web to NYC in the 90’s – Enjoy Our Pick of the Week

Look up regional farmers markets in Germany, what NYC was like in the 90's and be surprised by the exact coverage of each tree in Hamburg.

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Visit the Region around Mount Everest: Ubilabs Created Khumbu Trek Page

For many people Mount Everest is a place of longing. Less well known, however, is the Khumbu region, which is home to Mount Everest. Khumbu is mainly inhabited by sherpas that enable, advise and provide what it takes for the tourists to reach the summit.

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If You Have Seen It All: Go to Mars (or Read Today's Top 5 Links)

Turf enables advanced geospatial analysis for browsers and node and was used for this visualization of every “311″-call in New York City since 2010. 311 is a service for complaints. What are people complaining about? It depends on the time of the day.

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