From Lily Cam to Mom’s Usability Test: Our Top 5 Links of the Week

Our discoveries of the week include a platform for businesses in London, the Lily Cam and an unusual usability test for your website.

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From the Evolution of the Web to NYC in the 90’s – Enjoy Our Pick of the Week

Look up regional farmers markets in Germany, what NYC was like in the 90's and be surprised by the exact coverage of each tree in Hamburg.

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Brainfood, Fun and Inspiration: Our Top 5 Links of the Week

Auto-formatting with JSCS or a visualization of landscape data, five links that will teach you: nothing is impossible.

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If You Have Seen It All: Go to Mars (or Read Today's Top 5 Links)

Turf enables advanced geospatial analysis for browsers and node and was used for this visualization of every “311″-call in New York City since 2010. 311 is a service for complaints. What are people complaining about? It depends on the time of the day.

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From Iceland to Gazoline Prices: Our Top 5 Map Links of the Week

Our pick of the week encompasses a broad range: Did you know that gazoline is more expensive in eastern Germany than in the south? 

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