Rising Sea Levels, Sheep From All Over the World and a Simple Game

The range of this week's links goes from earth to sun and back. Take in every minute of NASA’s video of our life-giving star, make some wild guesses on flucht.io and play the froggy game.

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A Divided Nation and the Galaxy in 3D: Our Top 5 of the Week

The search for downloadable icons can be quite a pain - we will show you Google’s solution. And if you are looking for the perfect personal browser, we have just the right thing for you.

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Our Top 5: From a Public Transport Live Map to a Search Engine for Genealogy

This week we'd like to show you some great new tools that are all about maps as well as fun facts that might just surprise you. Have you ever tried to find a place without an address? Or live tracked a train on a map? Simply click, to find out more.

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Get Inspired! Visit the Venues of 007 and Understand the Real Size of Nations

Are you planning your next vacation? How about getting inspired by the one and only Mr. Bond. And while you are already looking at a map, why don’t you take a look at your country from the point of view of everyone else. We proudly present you: Our top five of the week!

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Our Top 5: Learn More About Selfie Optimization and Your Google Search History

Who would have imagined the iPod becoming the most popular “mp3 player” back in 2001? Or have you ever analyzed your Google Searches and found out more about the documentation of your life? Our top five of this week will show the wide range of amazing and amusing world wide web discoveries.

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From London’s New Up and Coming to Life Without Smartphones: Our Weekly Top 5

Enjoy our top five links of the week: See London’s new up and comings, what we look like if our smartphones are out of the picture and why McDonald and Apple pursue completely different PR strategy.

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