Our Pick of the Week: Explore Cities and Plan Your Next Holidays With Areal Videos

It's Friday once again and we would like to share our favourite links with you. Enjoy planning your next vacation, going down memory lane with Lego and reading other peoples minds.

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Our Special Treat of the Week: Cities in 3D, Hot News from Google and Nice Fractals

We like to think outside the box and get inspired by ideas and projects from other fields. Every friday we sit together for a drink to explore the biggest news and other great discoveries from the web together. Here are our top 5 links of the week.

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From Lily Cam to Mom’s Usability Test: Our Top 5 Links of the Week

Our discoveries of the week include a platform for businesses in London, the Lily Cam and an unusual usability test for your website.

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Ubilabs Proudly Sponsors Hamburg Hackathon this Weekend

100 participants – 50% women and 50% men – were chosen to engage in a 24-hour hackathon on May 23rd and 24t and develop innovative ideas and solutions.

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Major Contributions to an Extraordinary JS Unconf 2015 by Ubilabs

370 participants, 28 talks within two days and three get-together parties: This year JS Unconf reached a higher level. 

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From the Evolution of the Web to NYC in the 90’s – Enjoy Our Pick of the Week

Look up regional farmers markets in Germany, what NYC was like in the 90's and be surprised by the exact coverage of each tree in Hamburg.

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