Our Special Treat of the Week: Cities in 3D, Hot News from Google and Nice Fractals

We like to think outside the box and get inspired by ideas and projects from other fields. Every friday we sit together for a drink to explore the biggest news and other great discoveries from the web together. Here are our top 5 links of the week.

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From the Evolution of the Web to NYC in the 90’s – Enjoy Our Pick of the Week

Look up regional farmers markets in Germany, what NYC was like in the 90's and be surprised by the exact coverage of each tree in Hamburg.

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The Power of Data Visualization

Data visualisation is an easy and effective tool to present correlations. This map shows, how easy it is to get a simple answer to a complex question. In this map you can see locations with highlevels of air pollution in Germany.

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World Record for Running Around the Globe and Music on the Map: Our Top 5 Links

This week's links will take you on a trip around the world. Spotimap will accompany you by playing the right song and Tom Deniss will show you how to have the work out of your life, by visiting 18 countries on a run.

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Visit the Region around Mount Everest: Ubilabs Created Khumbu Trek Page

For many people Mount Everest is a place of longing. Less well known, however, is the Khumbu region, which is home to Mount Everest. Khumbu is mainly inhabited by sherpas that enable, advise and provide what it takes for the tourists to reach the summit.

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RWIS-App Helps Driver to Cope With Snow and Ice

From an ice alarm system to the snow plow: The international Swiss company Boschung makes special vehicles and electronic systems for a smooth winter service at airports, roads and cities. 


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