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On the road to success with Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers a wide range of products to support your business flexibly and accurately. Be it lift-and-shift, hybrid cloud solution or data analytics

As a Google Cloud Agency with 12 Google Cloud Certifications we support you in selecting the right cloud components for a sustainable and economical cloud architecture – right from the start.

Download: Four steps to the right cloud architecture 

Ubilabs Google Cloud Agency in Germany

Full cost control with flexible scaling

The traditional approach of maintaining oversized IT infrastructures for smooth operation is outdated. Instead, the cloud grows with the needs of your business. Based on our many years of experience with cloud solutions, we will show you how to make the best possible use of cloud components for your company.

Benefit from us as a Google Cloud Premier Partner

We are the leading Google Cloud Premier Partner in the German-speaking area and offer you a number of special opportunities and advantages through this cooperation with Google.

In addition to the expertise of extensive training and more than ten years of cloud experience, we offer you reliable customer service and consulting tailored to the needs of your business. 
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Our services for Google Cloud

  • Conception and architectural planning of individual solutions
  • Evaluation and selection of Google Cloud products 
  • Consulting and review for implementation
  • Onboarding of developers
  • Advice on infrastructure and migration 
    performance optimization
  • Concepts for security and compliance
    Deploy and manage infrastructure
  • Group master agreements and settlement to cost centers
  • Cost estimation, price estimation and budget planning
  • Utilization and cost optimization and identification of cost drivers
  • Payment by invoice and prepaid budget
  • Consulting around the user account and the Cloud Console

  • User and resource management

  • Individualized reporting and analysis of usage

  • Sound technical support for your individual inquiries

Development & project development with Cloud 

  • Implementation of projects in the cloud: as an external service provider, or embedded in your team

  • Big Data in the Cloud - Data Analytics & Machine Learning: preparing, training and visualizing Data

We also specialize in Location Based Services within Google Cloud. As a Google Cloud Agency, which also has many years of experience with interactive map applications, we enable our customers to make their location-based data economically usable.  

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Clemens Gerth

Clemens Gerth

Google Cloud Expert


Benito Ruppert

Benito Ruppert

Google Cloud Expert


Michael Pletziger

Michael Pletziger

CEO & Google Cloud Expert


Carbon neutral with Google Cloud

The fight against global warming focuses on man-made greenhouse gas emissions. The IT industry in particular plays a key role, both as a polluter and through innovations that help reduce emissions. Google recognised its responsibility early on - and has been carbon neutral since 2017.

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Google Cloud Experts at Ubilabs

Data Analytics: Server-less analysis using Google Cloud

Big Data Analytics can be used to analyze large amounts of data from a wide variety of sources. This allows patterns to be identified and new insights to be generated, which in turn supports the optimization of business processes.

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New McKinsey report unveils the core issues for business acceleration with cloud platforms

Companies that have moved operations to the cloud still aren’t achieving the desired operational agility, says a recent study conducted by McKinsey & Company. A renewed focus on people, processes, and policies can unlock the cloud’s full potential.

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Google Cloud Architects Ubilabs
Ubilabs at Knorr Bremse Google Cloud Truck

Visiting Knorr-Bremse with the Google Cloud Truck

Themed "To the cloud", we visited the Knorr-Bremse plant in Schwieberdingen with the Google Cloud Truck and presented possible applications of the Google Cloud. We are delighted about the lively participation and the consistently positive feedback.

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