Map up your business.

Make full use of the potential of interactive maps for your company. Make better decisions, inspire your customers, and optimize the way you use resources.

Make well-founded decisions – Ubilabs

Utilize the power of images. Map your company information and see new connections, identify new areas with high market potential, and evaluate the accessibility of your locations.

About the benefits of maps


Use resources in a more targeted manner – Ubilabs

Enhance your sales force with optimized route planning. Gain an overview of how you can optimize your sales area and better meet customer needs with the help of heat maps.

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support your customers and inspire users – Ubilabs

Help your customers find you quickly – for example, by showing your branches on an interactive map. Inspire users with interactive 360° panoramas and create a new experience by exploring location-related data.

What's in for your business?


From our Store Locator to the visualization of business data, we develop individual solutions using interactive maps.

Our Projects

Interactive maps: Visualize data and bring locations to life

Whether it’s store locators, virtual tours, or business intelligence tools, we can put all kinds of data on the map and open up whole new possibilities for companies and users alike. Our customers come from a veritable plethora of industries and, as a result, their requirements vary greatly. Some want to improve the services they offer. Using interactive maps in marketing help them to engage and inspire their customers. 

Others are seeking to crunch the numbers and optimize their use of resources. We specialize in devising personalized solutions that offer so much more value to users: applications that inspire, provide a sound basis for strategic decisions, and support companies in the efficient use of resources. 

Furthermore, as a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we help you to find the right solution for your maps application and integration as well as the appropriate license for Google Maps